Our mission is to Create Value Through Design

Atmosphere Axis was founded in 2012.
We are creating space, planning interior and project management.

Office locate at Kuala Lumpur, the firm works locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

While our core business focuses on Interiors and Retail Design, We are a team of designers with unique backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common - we share a strong desire to use our expertise and knowledge to design solutions that will help people in moments that matter most.

This focus makes us leaders in our field. Together, we discover this optimal solutions with our clients. Each project we undertake has a set of unique challenges if faces. Through listening, observing and tollaborating closely with our clients we discover opportunities to amplify the character of a place of community. Our team's international perspective brings together ideas from across cultures, activities, building types, events and landscape to realize a vision that connects fans with each other through their shared passions.

Over years, our team has built a business. With our keen understanding of the industry, we harness that knowledge to create places and experiences that have a strong and lasting impact on communities. We unlock potential and generate durable revenue streams.

We design with futures in mind.